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Accessible Units

Units which provide barrier-free features that can be wheel chair accessible and may include modifications to the kitchen (lower counters), bathroom (grab bars) and common areas.

Social Housing

Social Housing refers to rental housing developed with the assistance of government and subsidized by Municipal and Federal government for individuals, families and seniors with low to moderate incomes.

Non-Profit Housing

Private non-profit housing is developed and operated by organizations such as community or church groups that are dedicated to the task of providing affordable rental accommodation. Financial assistance is provided by the Federal and Provincial government. These developments have a mix of market and rent geared-to-income units.

Co-operative Housing

Co-operative housing is managed by its residents who are referred to as members. Co-op members are expected to participate in their community by becoming a member of the Board of Directors, committees or participation in the maintenance of the property.

Emergency Housing

Temporary shelter for individuals or families.

Transitional Housing

Agency supported housing for one to two years.

Co-ordinated access to social housing

In communities across Ontario, local co-ordinated access groups have been set up to provide applicants with easy access to social housing. These co-ordinated access groups provide information on all the social housing available in their community. They also provide a single application form that will be used by all housing groups. In Windsor and Essex County, the Central Housing Registry-Windsor Essex County is the local co-ordinated access group.

Special needs:

a) Modified and lives independently

b) Supportive Housing

In order to qualify for supportive housing, you must require the support services connected with the housing provider, in order to live independently. Services will vary from provider to provider. In order to determine if you qualify for a given provider, you must complete a supplementary application for each supportive housing provider.


means one or more persons that have applied for subsidized housing


means the Central Housing Registry of Windsor and Essex County

Extenuating circumstances

applies to Verification Guideline 3 –Amounts Owed by Household and exist if entering in to a repayment agreement will create undue hardship.


means one or more persons that reside or intend to reside together in the same rental unit and to form one tenancy


means Windsor Essex Local Rules

reasonable efforts

applies to Verification Guideline 3 –Amounts Owed by Household and includes an offer in writing to repay arrears or an amount, having regard to the household member's income and circumstances. Provider acceptance of the offer is not required for the household member to satisfy this RGI criteria requirement.

reasonable efforts

obligation does not require the household member to exhaust all possible means of fulfilling its obligation nor to undertake steps which are expensive or time consuming; or to undertake all and every effort or efforts to the point of undue hardship.

recognized support service agency

means an agency that receives all or part of its operating funding from the municipal and/or provincial and/or federal government and where the agency demonstrates sufficient knowledge of the household's circumstances to, in their professional capacity and opinion, confirm or verify that a CHR applicant has satisfied a certain RGI eligibility requirement.


means rent-geared-to-income.

undue hardship

applies to Verification Guideline 3 –Amounts Owed by Household and exists where the household member's specific circumstance will result in an unreasonable or disproportionate burden or obstacle when attempting to satisfy the "Amounts owed by Household" requirement of Regulation 367. Undue hardship exists where the household member cannot maintain, based on current income, a minimal standard of living for themselves and dependents if forced to repay arrears owed to other social housing providers; and circumstances exist indicating that this state of affairs is likely to persist for a significant portion of a repayment period if a repayment agreement is entered into.

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